This site will contain many of the files, images, and other resources used in the Introduction to Web Design.

To use any of these files you can click on the link to open the file in your browser. Then if you can do a "right click" with your mouse you can select View Source and then copy and paste the code.

You can also get to View Source by going via the View option on your browser.

The Page source will show you all of the HTML code that makes up a page.

Another option is to Right click directly on the link and select Save Link As. To be honest, it is pretty easy to not know where it is saved after that sometimes....

HTML5 resources

Week One

  1. From Lecture Video 01-05: 01-05-firstPage.html
  2. From Lecture Video 01-05: 01-05-secondPage.html
  3. Starter template: starter_template.html

Week Two

  1. From Lecture Video 02-04: 02-04-index.html
  2. FontAwesome files:
    FontAwesome Part One
    FontAwesome With Sizes
    FontAwesome With More Icons
    FontAwesome With Accessibility
  3. From Lecture Video 02-06: 02-06-links.html
  4. From Lecture Video 02-07: 02-07-multimedia.html
  5. From Lecture Video 02-08:
    02-08 a simple table
    02-08 table with headings
    02-08 final table code.
  6. From Lecture Video 02-09:
    02-09 common block tags
    02-09 common inline tags
    02-09 special tags.

CSS3 resources

List of resources here.

JavaScript resources

List of resources here.

Other resources

List of resources here.